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Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Mon Apr 24 13:43:02 EST 2000

"Malay" wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me whether GNU GPL can be applied to a web page or an
>> webware, written in Javascript. Otherwise what is the best way to
>> release webware for public? What other licensing systems are there
>> for Web-based softwares?

Do you think that people here know what the laws are in India?
(That's where your sig says you are located.)  Even restricted to
US law, I don't know.

Go ahead and put the GPL on your code, and if you want to be really
safe, add a clause saying if the GPL cannot be used to license the
code, then contact you to ask for legal use to modify the code.

Besides, no matter the license, all it gives you is the legal right
to sue if someone doesn't follow it (or threatend to sue), and the
odds of you suing anyone, especially people not in India, is going
to be low.

Finally, it's rare to find non-trivial Javascript which has anything
else either than no-modifications-allowed or any-modifications-allowed;
partially because there are few non-trivial Javascript programs.  In
the US, copying only a couple of lines is legal.  FSF puts it at under
10 lines, which is the limit for which people contributing patches must
send in a copyright disclaimer.

                    dalke at acm.org

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