Paup and Alpha Linux

kerstin.hoef-emden at uni-koeln.de kerstin.hoef-emden at uni-koeln.de
Thu Apr 20 08:04:56 EST 2000

Hi Stephane,

Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at pasteur.fr> wrote:

>> On my computer the Paup4 binary refuses to be executed. It is labelled as
>> executable for user and group. "File filename" gives the proper information

> What does "ldd /usr/local/bin/paup" yields? 

It says: not a dynamic executable 
Did something go wrong during compilation and linking process?

> glibc has interesting
> problems on the Alpha. What is your glibc version (Debian "potato" has
> 2.1)?

Unfortunately I forgot to check that item this morning. But I´ve tried
potato as well as RedHat 5.2 and both have the same problem. 

>> I have been in contact with the Paup support. They told me, that they have
>> several users around with a similar composition of hardware and OS and Paup

> More seriously, this is the sort of problem you get when you use
> commercial software on an "unusual" platform. When you have the
> source, someone can recompile it properly.

At first, they promised to made the source code available, but at a certain
point they changed their concept. Now they want to offer the source code
only in the final version, but this might be far away in the future. The
binaries for Alpha (except those for VMS) are for True64 Unix, its
predecessors and Linux with statically linked binaries. Usually this seem to
work Alpha soft, but I was little bit sceptical, when I read it. It sounds a
little bit like what we call "eierlegende Wollmilchsau" in German
(wool-milk-pig laying eggs), but I am really keen on having this soft
running on my computer.

If nothing helps, I will ask them whether I might have the source code.

Thank you for answering,




	kerstin.hoef-emden at uni-koeln.de				 

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