Paup and Alpha Linux

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at pasteur.fr
Tue Apr 18 04:38:15 EST 2000

In article <8d52b2$c97$1 at news.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE>,
 kerstin.hoef-emden at uni-koeln.de writes:

> On my computer the Paup4 binary refuses to be executed. It is labelled as
> executable for user and group. "File filename" gives the proper information

What does "ldd /usr/local/bin/paup" yields? glibc has interesting
problems on the Alpha. What is your glibc version (Debian "potato" has

> I have been in contact with the Paup support. They told me, that they have
> several users around with a similar composition of hardware and OS and Paup

:-) Wait for the release of Microsoft-Paup, for a breakthrough in user

More seriously, this is the sort of problem you get when you use
commercial software on an "unusual" platform. When you have the
source, someone can recompile it properly.

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