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> spam at (Bernard Murray, PhD) writes:
> > And instructions for compiling it for plain old DOS are
> > available at;
> >    http://itsa.ucsf.edu/~bpm/tacg.html
> This is cool: DOS is still alive!

You betcha.  I was going to dump my FAT16 partitions and move
completely to Linux or Solaris x86 but I had cause to compile
some UNIX-derived code for DOS and was introduced to DJ Delorie's
DJGPP and all the associated tools.  If you can live without
multitasking or long filenames it is quite tolerable.  I'm just
moving to bash 2 and gcc 2.95 now.  The main thing I struggle
with is case-dependent filenames under Python 1.5

For those interested have a look at www.delorie.com/djgpp/


[DJGPP is free software, I have no affiliation]

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
bpmurray at cgl . ucsf . edu
Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology, UCSF

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