Java or C++

Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen at helsinki.fi
Wed Apr 12 01:14:11 EST 2000

Malay wrote:
> Dear Oksanen:
> > You are comfortable with C and perl and you still want to learn
> > something else! Why?
> Bioinformatics softwares can be classified into two types- one, those
> handles sequences (text strings), the other type being visualization
> softwares, those that handles graphics. Perl and C (particularly, Perl) is
> very good at handling the former projects but when it comes handling
> visualization softwares it fails miserably. In this case you need to take
> advantage of Java or C++. There is no doubt if you intend to handle both
> these two types of softwares you need to learn either Java or C++. I am not
> very competent person to comment on any other language I can only say about
> Java or C++.
I suggest you check perl/Tk for visualization and GUI. Should be
availble for the other OS as well (forgot its name, sorry).

It seems that you do not really mean C++ but some commercial GUI
libraries built upon C++ (something beginning with MSV... tries to pop
up to my mind). In that case the main thing you need is not C++ proper
(the language) but the toolkit. If you need just visualization and GUI,
I'd guess that Delphi would be a more time-effective alternative, or
even Python with visual toolkits.

cheers, j.oksanen
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