Simple graph reading software

Kurt Sims sspamims at uspamcalgary.ca
Mon Apr 10 11:47:04 EST 2000

Thanks for the replies,  I have the graph up with Excel, the only thing 
I can't figure out is how to get it to read an unknown, if I know the 
value on the Y-axis is there a way to get the program to tell me what 
the corresponding X-axis value is?  I suppose I could just do it 
manually, but it's nice if it will do it for me.

We have some sort of site license with Microsoft that doesn't give us 
manuals for the products and the damn paperclip is really starting to 
drive me nuts!

Thanks again.


In article <38F16568.55452DB0 at helsinki.fi>, Jari Oksanen 
<jari.oksanen at helsinki.fi> wrote:

> Ellis Golub wrote:
> > 
> > Any spreadsheet program (Excel, Quattro, Lotus) will do this.  For 
> > nicer
> > graphs use SigmaPlot or GraphPad.  Both offer non-linear as well as 
> > linear
> > regression analysis.
> > 
> > As mentioned by another respondent, SPlus will do it too, but is 
> > probably
> > overkill for this application.
> > 
> I agree (it was me who suggested this). I did not express myself
> clearly, but my intention was to say that *any* decent program will do,
> and you probably have one already and so you do not need to get anything
> new. I just took the one closest to my fingers, and I could not force
> myself to say that you can probably use even Ex*l.
> cheer,s jo

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