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Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen at helsinki.fi
Mon Apr 10 00:19:18 EST 2000

Malay wrote:
> Dear Gurus:
> I am a Ph.D. student in Molecular Biology and have a plan to persue a career
> in Bioinformatics. I have a strong background in Javascript/html and I am
> quite comfortable with C and Perl. I want to learn a "real programming
> language" and not being able to choose between Java and C++. 

You are comfortable with C and perl and you still want to learn
something else! Why? Why not just deepen your knowledge in perl and C
and you will outsmart anybody trying to do the same in C++ or Java (at
least in terms of time used in programming, the speed of your programs,
the size of your code, the efficiency of resource use, and the power of
your programs). If you just want to add OO, you can have that in perl
now -- or then you can migrate from perl to Python and keep C in any

cheers, jo
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