Simple graph reading software

Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen at helsinki.fi
Mon Apr 10 00:23:52 EST 2000

Ellis Golub wrote:
> Any spreadsheet program (Excel, Quattro, Lotus) will do this.  For nicer
> graphs use SigmaPlot or GraphPad.  Both offer non-linear as well as linear
> regression analysis.
> As mentioned by another respondent, SPlus will do it too, but is probably
> overkill for this application.
I agree (it was me who suggested this). I did not express myself
clearly, but my intention was to say that *any* decent program will do,
and you probably have one already and so you do not need to get anything
new. I just took the one closest to my fingers, and I could not force
myself to say that you can probably use even Ex*l.

cheer,s jo
J.Oksanen -- UHLA (University of Helsinki at Lahti)

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