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It will help you get used to the idea of quickly taking on new languages, 
which you'll have to do in your career as a programmer. 

Malay (curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in) wrote:
: Dear Gurus:
: I am a Ph.D. student in Molecular Biology and have a plan to persue a career
: in Bioinformatics. I have a strong background in Javascript/html and I am
: quite comfortable with C and Perl. I want to learn a "real programming
: language" and not being able to choose between Java and C++. On one hand
: Java has the advantage of being platform-independent and writing a GUI based
: program in Java is very easy. On the flip side Java is extremely slow and
: migration into system level programming is almost impossible. On the other
: hand, C++ will be an eternal language and particularly with increasing
: popularity of Linux will be an important language in the days to come and
: writing elementary GUI with platform independent toolkits like wxWindows are
: not very difficult.
: Under such circumstances I'd appreciate your comments in this regard. Which
: language will be "the language" in Bioinformatics, Java or C++?
: Thank to you all who will help in shaping up my career!
: Malay
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