ABI data extraction utilities

John Barlow john_q_barlow at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 11:38:40 EST 2000

I also used Chromas, but it was not updated for quite a long time and is a bit 
flaky.  The best program for viewing, printing, and extracting sequences from 
ABI data is the free program GeneStudio LE, available for download at 
http://www.genestudio.com.  GeneStudio LE will also show SCF files.  A simpler 
version without the viewer of chromatograms is also on that site.  It is called 

Another free program that will allow to do this (and much more) is BioEdit 
http://www.mbio.ncsu.edu/RNaseP/info/programs/BIOEDIT/bioedit.html.  I think 
that GeneStudio LE has a much better ABI chromatogram viewer than BioEdit and 
the interface is much more user friendly.


In article <8cgcsa$et7$1 at ssauraab-i-1.production.compuserve.com>, 
GysdeJongh at compuserve.com says...
>"Przemko Tylzanowski" <przemko at med.kuleuven.ac.be
>> wrote in message news:38EB475D.B546C7D3 at med.kuleuven.ac.be...
>>I use Chromas (the freeware version) and am very happy with it.
>> The thing is that sometimes I would like to see the raw data 
>>because the ABI sometimes miscalls the bases. Now, our lab 
>>is PC based and the only Mac is with ABI. So it would be 
>>much more convenient to look at the raw data on PC. I have
>>somewhere a hack for it but I thought perhaps someone 
>>managed a program to read not only
>>the processed data but also the real trace.
>>"Richard J. Dudley" wrote:
>>Have you tried Chromas?
>>or BioEdit?
>there is a pc version for chromas which works very nice. 
>It lets you view , edit , save the ABI called bases. If you choose
>"export" in the "file" menue it will save the raw fluorescent data.
>Bioedit can do the same ; it will,however, not save the raw flu. data.
>I also tried exTRACE of Mark Berres. I found it very usefull as
>it extracts all the data , not only the raw fluorescense.
>(yes Richard , there is a lot more in the ABI file) It works
>perfectly in a dos window as he describes in this thread.

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