Complete source code for BLAST 1.4-vintage NCBI toolbox?

Erich Schwarz emsch at its.caltech.edu
Fri Apr 7 03:39:42 EST 2000

Hello all,

    I am trying to compile MoST (Tatusov et al., PNAS 91, 12091-12095) 
from source code on Red Hat Linux 6.1.  That requires compilation of 
several other packages first, which date from ~1994.  I have found part 
of what I think I need in:


but this archive lacks an ncbi.tar.Z file of equivalent date
(version 1.4.9 of the BLAST programs, posted on May 6, 1995).  Does
anybody out there have an copy of such a file archived elsewhere, and 
if so, how could I get it?  I did find the archive:


    But its ncbi toolbox is pretty thin: by its own description, "The 
skeletal library presently contains only C language header (.h) files 
to adapt the BLAST software to various computing platforms..."  I have 
already tried this with MoST, and it hangs.

    If anybody has archived source code containing the complete ncbi 
toolbox from the time of BLAST 1.4, I'd be delighted to try it.  Better 
yet would be somebody who'd already gotten MoST to compile on Linux, of 
course, but given my own experiences I'm not holding my breath...

--Erich Schwarz / emsch at its.caltech.edu

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