ABI data extraction utilities

Nirav Merchant nirav at arl.arizona.edu_no_spam
Wed Apr 5 18:19:49 EST 2000

Try phred for base calling ..its also will spit out quality values

..if you really want the "raw" signal values you can check my site
..this on line utility will output the bases and signal values as a
comma seperated files from a ABI trace file. [ I wrote this so that our
group could create nice traces in vector format for publication
..instead of bitmap screen dumps ].


I will be happy to give you the source code.


Przemko Tylzanowski wrote:

> I use Chromas (the freeware version) and am very happy with it. The
> thing is that sometimes I would like to see the raw data because the
> ABI sometimes miscalls the bases. Now, our lab is PC based and the
> only Mac is with ABI. So it would be much more convenient to look at
> the raw data on PC. I have somewhere a hack for it but I thought
> perhaps someone managed a program to read not only  the processed data
> but also the real trace.
> "Richard J. Dudley" wrote:
>> Have you tried Chromas?
>> http://www.technelysium.com.au/chromas.html
>> or BioEdit?
>> http://www.mbio.ncsu.edu/RNaseP/info/programs/BIOEDIT/bioedit.html
> Przemko

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