Tool for signal transduction pathways

Crepineau florent crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr
Thu Sep 2 11:03:48 EST 1999

In article <37CE452B.890A9295 at rrzn-serv.de>, Bernhard Mayr
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   > Dear colleagues
  > As someone interested in signal transduction I=B4m looking for a software=
  > tool / database that can store and graphically display signalling
  > pathways like =B4MyNewKinase inhibits YourWellKnownFactor by
  > phosphorylation=B4. I would also like to store new data from the
  > literature with this tool.
  > Has anyone heard about such software ?
  > Any suggestions are wellcome.
Try ACEDB, there is a special database which has been developed by Takako
Takai-Igarashi and Tsuguchika Kaminuma just for that purpose (well, it



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