yuhang Zhang zyhyp at 21cn.com
Sat Oct 30 23:00:41 EST 1999

Dear Everyone::

Today I downloaded the new version of Seqpup(version0.9) and want to run it.
You know, I have already installed the Seqpup(version0.8) on my computer, and program run very well.

I downloaded new Seqpup.jar,Seqpup-methods-mswin.zip and Seqpup-mswin.bat. I thought it's enough and used they to replace files of 0.8 version. The name of bat file of 0.9 version is Seqpup9-mswin.bat. I find it's rather different from that of version 0.8. Jave can't start by using this bat file. So I edit the Seqpup-mswin.bat as before. Unfortunately Seqpup couldn't run. It displayed following information in DOS window:

"Exception in thread "main" jave.lang.NoClassDefFound Error: dbioseq/Seqpup"

I don't know what should I do and I hope you can help me?

With best regards,                   

yuhang Zhang

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