DNATools, mail blast search problem

Soeren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Fri Oct 29 05:47:33 EST 1999

Dear DNATools user,

NCBI recently changed the output format of their mail blast search
function. This implies that the processing routine used by DNATools to
auto-retrieve information from the returned search result and to insert
the extracted data into the sequence header in revisions earlier that
5.1.638 no longer works.

The problem is corrected in revision 5.1.638 now available for
downloading. If you wish to continue using the automated mail blast
function 'Search/Blast Mail Search' you have to download the upgrade to
revision 638. For users with extended demo licenses it is also necessary

to get a new license number unless your license covers this revision.

(This problem does not affect creating and searching local data bases.)

Additional improvements in revision 638:

The new function for hydrophobicity analysis 'Analysis/Protein
Properties/Hydropathy' of proteins included in revision 637
unfortunately had a few bugs.They are corrected in 638.

The 'Protein/Translate Sequence' function now allows you to display the
DNA sequence without formatting it with block of 3 and to specify the
line lenghts. Use the 'Format' menu item available after translating the




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