EDTECH 3.2 Upgrade Announced---graphics software

F. Dail Singleton, Jr. fdails at hal-pc.org
Thu Oct 28 23:54:56 EST 1999

Today 10/28/99 EDTECH V3.2 is announced.  EDTECH (EDitor for TECHnical
graphics) for Win95/98/NT makes publication-quality black & white
scientific-style graphs and line diagrams and includes facilities for
mathematical operations on data and fitting by multiple linear
regression and spline. 

New features compared with previous version 3.01:

 -- Graphic labelling text can be MS Windows TrueType in addition to the
old drawn-line ("stroke") style.

 -- More versatile graphics printing interface.

Download the shareware version for 30-day trial at

   Dail Singleton
   Digital Analytics,
   Houston, Texas
   fdails at DAofTX.com

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