Local BLAST search with Lasergene or Vector NTI, is it possible?

Francis Durst francis.durst at bota-ulp.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Oct 27 14:54:27 EST 1999

You should try BioEdit. It allows to transform any fasta file into a local 
database that can be search by local blast from within BioEdit. It is very 
handy, and the author (Tom Tahall) is very responsive to any (maybe not any 
but many!) suggestion for imrovement or new features.
BioEdit has many more nice features, sort of a swiss knife for seqs...

Have a look at 


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Parkin) writes:>From: fikys at YAHOO.COM (David Parkin)>Subject: Local BLAST 
search with Lasergene or Vector NTI, is it possible?>Date: 27 Oct 1999 
00:08:11 -0700

>Dear all,

>I'm working with Windows versions of Lasergene and
>Vector NTI packages. I would like to know if it is
>possible to "learn" them (or olny one of them) to
>search not an Internet BLAST database at NCBI, but
>local database established with NCBI soft (blastz.exe)
>and my own sequences how it makes DNA Tools package.
>If possible, please write me how.

>With best wishes,



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