Massive depth of field

Syncroscopy nospam at nospam.com
Tue Oct 26 09:56:34 EST 1999

> If you do this any where near real time it takes a lot of computer
> power. If you have to align them as well it gets real hairy real fast.
> Just finding the infocus pixels on a high resolution image takes a lot
> of processing power. Then having to deal with it in a visual
> environment is a headache.
> Nothing magic just real hard work.
Have a look at Montage Explorer,
Using the normal microscope controls you can wander around the sample under
investigation at high magnification building up a composite in-focus picture
in real time, with image sizes up 6k x 6k pixels. This involves locating the
in-focus components and image alignment and is done in real time on a 500Mhz
Pentium III PC !!!

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