Massive depth of field

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>gary gaugler  wrote:
>> Bad URL
>> What's so unique and revolutionary about this?  Soft-Imaging has had
>> this in their analySIS product for years.  It is called EFI, Extended
>> Focal Imaging.

>The correct URL is http://www.syncroscopy.com/syncroscopy/am.asp
>Although there have been products that allowed manual cutting and pasting of
>in-focus sections of an image series, Auto-Montage was the first system to
>automatically extract in-focus elements of an image series. Auto-Montage
>also allows you to make 3D measurements based on the depth map data.
The theory is not difficult the implemetation is a bear. You can use
several types of transforms to find the high contrast areas on each
image. Then you stack the in focus parts and then you assemble them.

If you do this any where near real time it takes a lot of computer
power. If you have to align them as well it gets real hairy real fast.

Just finding the infocus pixels on a high resolution image takes a lot
of processing power. Then having to deal with it in a visual
environment is a headache.

Nothing magic just real hard work.


Gordon Couger
Stillwater OK.

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