Massive depth of field

Syncroscopy nospam at nospam.com
Tue Oct 26 04:25:37 EST 1999

gary gaugler  wrote:

> Bad URL

> What's so unique and revolutionary about this?  Soft-Imaging has had
> this in their analySIS product for years.  It is called EFI, Extended
> Focal Imaging.
> They also have MIA, which is Multiple Image Alignment and makes a
> large montage image out of many smaller images.

The correct URL is http://www.syncroscopy.com/syncroscopy/am.asp

Although there have been products that allowed manual cutting and pasting of
in-focus sections of an image series, Auto-Montage was the first system to
automatically extract in-focus elements of an image series. Auto-Montage
also allows you to make 3D measurements based on the depth map data.

MIA-type systems have indeed been available for years (since well before SIS
did it).  Montage Explorer is different because the image combination
happens in real time, and it doesn't require a motorised stage.

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