Data Graphics Charting Software For Windows

Stan Hicks intuitivelogic at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 25 23:09:21 EST 1999

New! Version 2.5.0! ClickIt Graph http://www.clickitgraph.com

ClickIt Graph is state of the art 32 bit data graphics software for Windows®
95, 98 and NT 4.0. ClickIt Graph is a user friendly full featured data
graphics package that offers over 23 different graph types for business,
engineering and science  presentations. Data is input into a database format
compatible with Microsoft Access® that allows for the ease of use, data
import, and export between different application formats. ClickIt Graph also
supports linking with Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint® 97 and 2000. Transfer
of ClickIt Graph drawn graphs to a Word® document or PowerPoint®
presentation in a consistent presentation quality is as easy as pressing an
F key. Save graphs drawn with ClickIt Graph in a keyword driven database for
fast retrieval of your graphical information. ClickIt Graph supports two and
three-dimensional graph types including line, linear-logarithmic,
logarithmic-linear, logarithmic-logarithmic, scatter, 3D scatter, bar, 3D
bar, pie, 3D pie, 3D tape, 3D surface, polar, area, 3D area, box-whisker,
bubble, candlestick, open-high-low-close, high-low-close, gantt, and data
bound line. CLickIt Graph supports linear regression, polynomial,
logarithmic, exponential, power, inverse power and spline curve fitting.
Best fit, mean, maximum, minimum and standard deviation lines are available
for scatter and line graph types.  Up to 9th order polynomial functions are
supported. Regression equations for line, scatter, linear-logarithmic,
logarithmic-logarithmic, logarithmic-linear, polynomial, power, exponential
and inverse power functions are output to the graph legend and a text file.
Write HTML maps from your data graphs for Web publishing.

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