Tom Hall tahall2 at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Oct 25 20:13:18 EST 1999

You might want to try BioEdit.  BioEdit is a full integrated sequence/alignment
editor that will also allow you to:

1.  Create a local NCBI Blast database automatically from fasta-formatted lists
with mouse click
2.  Do local (or internet) Blast searches with a mouse click
3.  Run some Phylip programs (Joe Felsenstein) automatically with a click of
the mouse
4.  Allow you to configure other accessory apps (beyond those that come
standard) through a GUI interface (with many mouse clicks and a bit of typing,
5.  Automatically run ClustalW (Higgins, et al) for auto-alignment of DNA, RNA
or proteins.
6.  Allow you to align DNA sequences by there protein translations (even
automatically with ClustalW!)
7.  It also comes with the TreeView installation (By Roderic D.M. Page -- for
viweing trees).

It also does a bunch of other things (read ABI files directly, draw plasmids,
auto-links to web analysis tools, web browser with bookmarks, other stuff)

I think you'll like it for what you described.

Also, it's completely FREE and there is no registration or mailing list
requirements, just anonymous download.
It installs and registers itself 100% and can be automatically uninstalled.

BioEdit runs on WinNT, Win 95 or Win98

If you're interested, it's at:


If you don't like it, simply unistall it and delete it.

Bernd Epping wrote:

> Hello,
> I search for a pc-program (Win-NT or Linux) with the following features:
> 1. DNA-Homology-Searches (around 500 sequences)
> 2. DNA-Sequence String Search
> 3. phylogeny-tree applications
> 4. DNA-Alignment
> I tried a lot of programs, like ARB (linux), Oligo 5.0, Vector NTI,
> Genetrap, Omiga. There is no program which makes a homology-search of
> different sequences. Is there anyone who knows such a program???
> best regards
> Bernd
> --
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------
> Bernd Epping
> Bio-Engineer

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