looking for FREE PC plasmid drawing program

Tom Hall tahall2 at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Oct 25 19:59:07 EST 1999

BioEdit's plasmid utility isn't all that great, but it does automatically run
a restriction map and adding enzymes is just a matter of picking the ones you
want to show.  Also, you can move things around, draw, move and scale simple
shapes, group objects, add a polylinker, and dynamically scale text.  Full
choice of fonts is given to the user.  You can copy and paste between plasmid
docs as well.  Also, the output is vectored, not bitmapped, and you can copy
either bitmaps or metafiles to the clipboard (also export metafiles to disk).
Of course, if all you want is a plasmid drawing program, BioEdit comes with a
lot of extra baggage.

Tom Hall

KIM wrote:

> This product is quite nice.  I believe the story is that it was written as
> a class exercise, then polished up for release.  It will not actually
> analyze your plasmid sequence, and make an annotated diagram for you,
> instead you must explicitly mark the locations of RE sites and other
> features.  OTOH, it will allow you to move labels freely around the
> diagram for a prettier picture.
> The output is a bitmapped graphic that can be copied to the Windows
> clipboard for insertion into other documents.  There is some issue about
> the choice of fonts, by the way.
> Bitmapped graphics are not scalable, however, so be careful about what
> you with it.
> Daniel Kim

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