looking for FREE PC plasmid drawing program

KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Mon Oct 25 09:57:36 EST 1999

This product is quite nice.  I believe the story is that it was written as
a class exercise, then polished up for release.  It will not actually
analyze your plasmid sequence, and make an annotated diagram for you,
instead you must explicitly mark the locations of RE sites and other
features.  OTOH, it will allow you to move labels freely around the
diagram for a prettier picture.

The output is a bitmapped graphic that can be copied to the Windows
clipboard for insertion into other documents.  There is some issue about
the choice of fonts, by the way.

Bitmapped graphics are not scalable, however, so be careful about what
you with it.

Daniel Kim

p.s.  I will sometimes create a plasmid "drawing" using an object draw
program.  I calculate the degree-equivalent of feature locations (e.g. in
a plasmid of 3000 bp, a feature from base 300 to 600 is at 36 to 72
degrees). Then create an arc from 36 to 72 degrees, setting the line width
to the desired thickness, and line color and fill to make it look nice.
Repeat for other features.  Make a hairline circle to hold it all
together.  This type of drawing can be rescaled with no loss of

Tom Hall <tahall2 at unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:
: Actually, I think this one might be completely free:

: Plasmid Processor:

: http://www.hytti.uku.fi/~oikari/plasmid.html

: Hope this helps,

: Tom Hall

: yoel and adaia shiboleth wrote:

:> Hi all
:> I'm sure this discusion should interest many "shoestring" researchers if
:> it gets going.
:> I'm looking for a FREEWARE plasmid drawing program for windows 95/98.
:> As of now I'm using different demos about to expire.
:> I also cannot seem to find one simple intuitive program for Windows that
:> simply does what DNA Strider and Amplify do under Mac OS, without it
:> threatening to expire just as I get the hang of it and start remembering
:> what it's name was. (I have Vector Viewer, GenDoc, Genstudio, DNA Club,
:> DNA Tools, CN3D, JamBW, and probably some more).
:> I'll settle for a comercial program that does restriction, translation,
:> virtual PCR, primer selection etc. only if 1: I get to try it first 2:
:> if it's under 100 US$. I cannot possibly afford DNA Star, Vector NTI
:> etc...

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