looking for FREE PC plasmid drawing program

Tom Hall tahall2 at unity.ncsu.edu
Sun Oct 24 14:12:46 EST 1999

Actually, I think this one might be completely free:

Plasmid Processor:


Hope this helps,

Tom Hall

yoel and adaia shiboleth wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm sure this discusion should interest many "shoestring" researchers if
> it gets going.
> I'm looking for a FREEWARE plasmid drawing program for windows 95/98.
> As of now I'm using different demos about to expire.
> I also cannot seem to find one simple intuitive program for Windows that
> simply does what DNA Strider and Amplify do under Mac OS, without it
> threatening to expire just as I get the hang of it and start remembering
> what it's name was. (I have Vector Viewer, GenDoc, Genstudio, DNA Club,
> DNA Tools, CN3D, JamBW, and probably some more).
> I'll settle for a comercial program that does restriction, translation,
> virtual PCR, primer selection etc. only if 1: I get to try it first 2:
> if it's under 100 US$. I cannot possibly afford DNA Star, Vector NTI
> etc...

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