Jan Gorodkin gorodkin at NF.AU.DK
Sat Oct 23 16:05:07 EST 1999

J. Gorodkin, H. H. Staerfeldt, O. Lund, and S. Brunak 
Bioinformatics 15:769-770, 1999.

MatrixPlot is a program for making high quality matrix plots, such as
mutual information plots of sequence alignments and distance matrices of
sequences with known three-dimensional coordinates. The user can add
information about the sequences (e.g. a sequence logo profile)
along the edges of the plot, as well as zoom in on any region in the plot.
The user can also type in the name of a PDB entry and receive the
distance matrix directly. It is also illustrated how output generated
from other web servers can be exported to the MatrixPlot server.

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