Endnote Question

Namjin Chung n.chung at duke.edu
Sat Oct 23 11:02:40 EST 1999

I'm using EndNote3.0 and MS Word 98 on MacOS 8.6.  I'm writing a
manuscript where I need to add numbered references with text as content
but not real references (as typical in journals like Science where
methods and comments are edited to reference section).  When I used
Reference Manager in good old times, I just need to assign a number that
is not actually in my reference database (like #1000035) and RefMan
treated such ref number as normal.

When I now deal with EndNote3.0, if I assign such non-existing number,
EndNote recognize it as an error and skips the number in the reference
order.  Is there any solution for this problem?  Thanks in advance.

Namjin Chung
Duke University
n.chung at duke.edu

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