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Philippe Marquis philimar at easynet.fr
Mon Oct 18 15:21:04 EST 1999

Release of version 3.21 of MedLabQC.
Free unlimited software. Win 95/98/NT4
Download : http://perso.easynet.fr/~philimar

MedLabQC is a programme designed for internal quality control in
clinical laboratories. The programme records the control charts,
archives the data and calculates the validation ranges. Simple access
to the main functions means that MedLabQC is a programme which can be
immediately utilised without training by all laboratory personnel who
are familiar with Levey and Jennings control charts.

 The number of analytes is unlimited and each is provided with up to
three control levels. The three levels are validated simultaneously
after display within coloured graphics (green, orange, red) which
represents the control range of acceptable, warning and rejection. The
Westgard's multirules 1:3s/2:2s/R:4s/4:1s/10m are optional. 

Rejected control points remain displayed, however, but they are
excluded from the statistical calculations. Validation of the control
points can be postponed by storing data in a queue. At the end of each
day, all of that day's control results can be displayed and printed.
Thus daily viewing or the control performance is available in each
section of the laboratory where the software is in use.

Whenever the lot number of a control material changes, the data from
the previous batch are archived and the control charts of all of the
relevant analytes are simultaneously restarted. All deletion and
correction facilities are password-protected so they may be restricted
to senior laboratory staff if desired. The data file is backed-up from
time to time on a diskette at a pre-definable interval. A reminder is
provided on the main screen if the backup interval has been exceeded.
Exchanges between applications are possible through the clipboard or
delimited text files. A random data generator creates simulated
Gaussian-distributed data and can turn the programme into an
educational tool.

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