A C++ class for sequences ?

Harry Mangalam mangalam at home.com
Mon Oct 18 09:04:06 EST 1999

Keith Robison made such a version available at one time called molbio++,
but the 1st few google hits were 404.  I have a copy somewhere if you can't
find it on an archive.

molbio++ is a C++ library for molecular biosequence analysis. Major
features include:

classes and services for

   reading and writing sequence data in the following formats: 
      Genbank Flatfile 
      EMBL / SwissProt 
      GCG / Wisconsin 
      Fasta / Pearson 
      NCBI Retrieve Server (read-only) 
   limited parsing of fields and features in biosequence files 
   storing amino acid or nucleic acid sequences 
   iterating over a biosequence 
   calculating and storing counts or frequencies of amino acids or
   device-independent graphics, via GCG's FIGURE program 
   translating nucleotide sequences into proteins using the universal
genetic code or
   modifications thereof. 
   parsing BLAST output 
   calculating pI and molecular weight of proteins 
   amino acid hydropathy values of Kyte & Doolittle 

   ftp from golgi.harvard.edu ( 
   in pub/CONTRIBUTIONS/molbio++ 

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