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Dan Brown wrote in message <37F01F7A.82259D0D at bruxton.com>...
>Malay wrote:
>> I understand the temptation to use JAVA, particularly after the
>> introduction of SWING classes. But is it not pity that the developers in
>> powerful language like C++ never thought of writing cross-platform
>> libraries? I think if this trend continues, C++ will lose most of its
>> ardent followers like me to other language like JAVA.
>We never found cross-platform libraries for C++ to be very useful. The
>problem is that they could not keep up with user interface changes from
>Microsoft. I believe that this is due to a lack of market: C++
>developers want a C++ class library for use when writing GUI
>applications, and Microsoft provides MFC at no cost with Visual C++.
>This reduces the market for third-party class libraries for GUI
>development sufficiently that the suppliers have a hard time surviving.

I used Visual C++ with MFC with very good results (www.msu.edu/~utz, go to
thesis). It was easy to learn and there are some good books out there that
explain it will (I used SAMS's teach yourself Visual C++ 4.0 in 14 days and
Microsoft's Inside Visuall C++, by Kruglinski (for version 5.0)). Of course,
there are more up to date books out there. Plus microsoft has a lot of the
documentation on CDROM and on its web site
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Jeff Utz

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