sequence trace files format problem

Jim Phelps phelpsj_stuff at spam_stuff.bcc.orst.edu
Fri Oct 8 12:59:48 EST 1999

In article <37FD4E94.B1D5FEFB at mciworld.com>, jparsons at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk wrote:

> Dear Paula,
> It is a Mac JVM problem that is fixed if you install MRJ 2.1.4 and
> use the latest IE. I haven't tried the latest Netscape but hope that
> the Sun/Netscape/AOL alliance may finally produce a JDK1.1 JVM
> that works.

If the JVM fix doesn't work for you, you can try using TAS from Syntax to
transfer your files to the UNIX box.  TAS lets you drag-and-drop your
files.  It preserves all of the Mac attributes but it does convert the
files so UNIX can read them.

This worked for us.

- Jim Phelps

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