sequence trace files format problem

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Fri Oct 1 09:29:06 EST 1999

We have set up a system here where users can submit an ABI trace file 
through a web form which is then fed through PHRED and the sequence is 
returned to them together with a  trace and a javascript page which 
allows real time translation of the  sequence into a protein. We have 
encountered no problems whatsoever using  netscape (higher than v3) 
running on any platform. You certainly don't transfer both forks with a 
file upload using a mulitpart enctype, which  is what I am doing; I 
suspect you might have other config problems, perhaps relating to the 
applet or the way its configured on the page.

Paula Burch (pburch at condor.bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
: The sequencing core provides traces to users of various computer
: systems, Mac, Unix, or MS Windows. We have installed a java
: traceviewer that works great in Netscape on the Unix or PC side, 
: but fails to work in either Netscape or Internet Explorer on the Mac. 
: The easy answer would be to just give our Mac users their own trace 
: viewing program, such as the free one from Perkins Elmer.
: The problem is that trace files moved to the sequence repository
: machine from the sequencing Mac can be used only by a Mac, not by
: Unix, if tranferred as a Mac binary. If the trace files are moved as
: 'raw data', they work great in the java trace viewing program, but
: are utterly unusable on a Mac.
: How can I make 'raw data' trace files work on a Mac? I was told
: something I didn't understand about a missing 'resource fork' that
: the Mac needs. I generally stick to Unix and am mystified. Is
: there any way to fake the resource fork, or any other way to make one
: transfer format work for all three of the more popular computer
: platforms, Mac, Unix, and PC?
: We cannot ask the sequencing core personnel to transfer the trace
: files to some labs in Mac binary format and to other labs in 'Raw
: Data' format.
: Thanks for any help you can provide....
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