Mycological ID Software ?

Mycos amanita at telus.net
Sat Nov 27 00:06:49 EST 1999

Spoke to a fellow who was developing some software regarding
mycological databases for ID purposes. Unfortunately,  this was
several  "Format C:'s"  ago and I can't remember the guys name. If you
know of whom  I'm talking about can you please direct me to the
aforesaid or to anyone who can give me info on the current state of

In my correspondence at that time I also mentioned how nice it would
be if there were a palm-sized type of gadget that had highly portable,
lightweight ID keys on a variety of natural history subjects. Again,
anyone hear of such a device being in devopment? As a naturalist, I
would find such a thing to be an answer to my prayers, pagan though
they may be (that's what He said in that rather thunderous tone I'm
sure your all familiar with. No ? Hmmm).  Anyway, it seems that all to
often, that the more extraordinary finds on my forays are regarding a
specimen that would be found in a book that I decided to leave OUT of
the backpack due to weight.  Anyhow,  thanks in advance for any help
anyone might offer.

Gary Williams

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