looking for ImageTools - where did they go?

Len Cleary lcleary at nba19.med.uth.tmc.edu
Wed Nov 24 14:02:13 EST 1999

The developers at San Antonio basically went their separate ways and
discontinued development (as far as I know). Fortunately, they left the
program in a usable state. I prefer Image Tool to Scion Image (even though I
have a Scion capture card) because it is more tolerant of image color modes.
Scion Image is based on Mac color conventions. I'm sure if I was accustomed
to NIH Image, though, I would echo your sentiments.

Len Cleary

Michael Baron wrote in message <383A5726.1E287C24 at deletethisbbsrc.ac.uk>...
Actually, the two programs are quite different (I know, I have loked at
them both). The Scion Image program is a port of the Mac program NIH
Image to Windows, and appears to be a pretty good job at that (also
looks very much like NIH Image). Image Tool was a completely home grown
program from UTHCSA. Sorry, I don't know what happened to it. Having
played with both, I preferred the Scion Corp program, but that is just
my opinion, very subjective, and probably biased by my familiarity with


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Jean-Marc FRIGERIO wrote:
> Hi Uwe,
> IT is now called Scion Image and you can find it at :
> http://www.scioncorp.com/
> Jean-Marc
> Frigerio at pierroton.inra.fr
> www.pierroton.inra.fr
> Uwe Kaerst <kaerst at gbf.de> a écrit dans le message :
> 8E816A1F1kaerstgbfde at
> > Hi,
> >
> > I was looking for news with the ImageTools software by UTHSCSA recently
> and
> > found both links available before (ddsdx.uthscsa.edu and
> > maxrad6.uthscsa.edu) are no longer valid (authoritative answer by
> > nslookup).
> > Does anybody know where this site moved to? I can't make it out.
> > Thanks a lot
> >
> > Uwe

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