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Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Nov 23 14:01:35 EST 1999

david at barrass1.@no.spam.ta (David Barrass) writes:

> Sorry if this isn't the correct newsgroup but this is the closest I
> can find to a Bioinformatics group on the web.  If anyone knows of a
> more relevant NG please advise

bionet.software.srs but this is close enough :-)

> Does anyone know if there is a single web page that lists all the SRS
> databases with a brief description of what information they contain? 

The EBI maintains a "databank of databanks" for SRS 5.1
linked to the list of worldwide servers.


This does have the information you need, though the descriptions
are quite long (the full .it file)

For the Sanger Centre server, I have generated a full alphabetical
order list at:


Please let me know if you find it useful. The descriptions are just a
first quick attempt to classify everything and could no doubt be

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