ploticus 1.3 plot / data display package

stevegrubb at my-deja.com stevegrubb at my-deja.com
Tue Nov 23 09:28:16 EST 1999

The following plotting/data display package was developed
at a clinical trials data collection / biostatistics center.
Perhaps it may be of interest to some readers of this group.
Thanks, Steve

Title:          ploticus 1.31
Freeware Type:  plotting/data display package for Unix
Home Page:      http://www.sgpr.net
Distribution:   Free source code; pre-compiled binaries some platforms

Produces full-color lineplots, bargraphs, histograms, scatterplots,
pie graphs, rangebars, boxplots, tables, tabular plots etc.  Many
labeling and style features.  Produce graphs for publications, slides,
posters, web pages and intranets.  Plots from tabular data sets.
Handles numeric, date, time, and alphanumeric data.  Script-driven,
non-interactive.  Can render in Postscript, PNG, GIF, or X11.
Originally written in clinical trials / biostatistics organization.
Successor to IPL 2.1.  Unix freeware; source code available.

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