XML support from NCBI/Blast?

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Wed Nov 17 03:30:17 EST 1999

Thanks Wayne, just checked this out. You've done some very good work on

Wayne Parrott (wayne at workingobjects.com) wrote:
: I'm not sure about NCBI's direction w.r.t. XML but I developed an
: in-house server earlier this year that post-processes blast results
: transforming them into XML, i.e., BlastXML documents. The parsing and
: transformation tools from this system are Java_1.1-based and may be
: downloaded from http://www.workingobjects.com along with the source at
: no charge. The BlastXML DTD and sample documents are available at
: http://www.workingobjects.com/blastxml. If you have IE5 point it at
: http://www.workingobjects.com/blastxml/sv40_short_ncbi.xml to view an
: XSL formatted document. Note: the BlastXML DTD may be used any other
: system without restriction. 
: Good luck.
: "Dr. Greg Quinn" wrote:
: > 
: > I'm in the process of converting a database system I've written to use/return
: > XML, and I'd like to know if NCBI has (even experimentally) any services such
: > as a BLAST server or Entrez which is returning data in XML format which I can
: > extract data from. I wasn't able to find any info at the NCBI site in respect
: > to this.
: > Any help welcomed.
: > Cheers
: > Greg
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