PAL 0.6

Korbinian Strimmer strimmer at biochem.mpg.de
Sun Nov 14 14:41:25 EST 1999

PAL: Phylogenetic Analysis Library

Version 0.6 (November 1999)
A free (GPL) Java library for researchers in molecular phylogenetics.

PAL is of a collection of Java classes for use in molecular
phylogenetics.  It facilitates the rapid construction of both
general applications as well as special-purpose tools for phylogenetic
analysis.  PAL focuses on probabilistic data modelling and provides,
e.g., routines for maximum-likelihood analysis and probability models
for nucleotide/amino acid substitution.  In addition, PAL also includes
a number of applications (e.g., MLDIST and MLTREE) that are entirely
based on the modules provided in the library and that might potentially
be useful to biologists (allowing, e.g., the estimation of parameters
for a general reversible substitution model etc.).

I started to compile this package primarily to simplify my own research
work.  Meanwhile the package has grown to an extent that I believe it
will be useful to other other researchers in the field as well.  I will
try my best to constantly update this package as time continues.
Please feel free to use PAL or parts of it in your own programs
(see the GNU Public License for conditions of use).
Contributions to PAL are also welcome!

To download sources and for more information please visit


Have fun,


Korbinian Strimmer <strimmer at biochem.mpg.de>

Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry
D-82152 Martinsried

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