MS Access for cell lines

Klaus Throm klaus.throm at telda.net
Thu Nov 11 13:29:14 EST 1999

Could I also humbly ask for a copy of it.
I am doing my study-thesis on a new immortalized human hepatocyte celline and
thus I want to compare some key features to the established cellines like the
Thank you in advance,
Klaus Throm.

PS: If you also had problems with the formatting of a large document with the
text-processor of this same office pack, then I can highly recomment StarOffice
5.1, or now SunOffice5.1. It is free as long as you use it privately and not in
a company. It never crashed and handled over 100 pages with
diagrams/graphics/tables without any signs of "formatting-Alzheimer" in my and
other students study thesis. It also never forgets to reconvert the original
document in the original format. Thus you can open it with MS Word 97, and it
looks like you have left it in StarOffice 5.1.

Paula Lavery wrote:

> Hi Martin
> If you give me your email address I will send you a copy of a database I use
> as an inventory for all my cell lines in LN2. I tried to email you directly
> but the message was refused.
> Paula Lavery
> Transplant Immunology Lab.
> Royal Victoria Hospital
> McGill University
> Montreal (QC) Canada

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