LINUX/standalone blast question

Andrew Martin amartin at stagleys.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 16:38:58 EST 1999

Dyre Tjeldvoll (dyret at idi.ntnu.no) wrote:
: a.walden at wave.co.nz (Adrian Walden) writes:
: > Is it supposed to export the variable "Data" to the environment. If
: > so, why is it that when I query th environment with
: > 
: > echo $Data
: > 
: > that I get a blank line instead of a path to the directory "data" ?

: The line in your file sets the local shell-variable Data, not an
: environment variable, if the file is treated as a shell-script. 

: The difference is that a local variable is only known to shell in
: which you set it, whereas an environment variable is inherited to the
: processes started by the shell. You can test this by doing the
: following:

NO! It doesn't even set a local (shell) variable. The file is read
by the BLAST program not the shell, so it is used to set a parameter
internal to the program.


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