LINUX/standalone blast question

Dyre Tjeldvoll dyret at idi.ntnu.no
Thu Nov 4 09:43:11 EST 1999

spam at (Bernard Murray, PhD) writes:
> > Many programs have a .programrc file, and I think (!) the rc stands
> > for resource, and these files are typically for saving settings. 
> Actually I believe that the "rc" stands/used to stand for
> "run control".

Ah..., well admittedly, rc is a poor abbreviation for resource. But
now I know... 

> I am showing my age here.  

I think I got that resource-idea from the fact that
many program settings can be modified by changing x-resources. I guess 
this shows my lack of age, since I have X as my point of reference... :)

> I remember when the "ESC" key used
> to stand for "Extended System Command" but there's no way you'll
> be able to convince newcomers that it isn't "ESCape".

I must admit I thought it was "Escape" too, but as a dedicated (X)emacs
user I like "Extended System Command" much better! 

I think the widespread use of PC's and DOS/Windows programs has
contributed to the "Escape" view, since those systems frequently use
"Esc" to exit from menus and programs.


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