LINUX/standalone blast question

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Wed Nov 3 14:11:55 EST 1999

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> [ ncbi]
> Data=/path/blast/data

.ncbirc is a "settings" file used internally by NCBI's programs, ala
windows.ini or Mac/Preferences files. As far as I can tell, the settings
in this file don't alter your shell environment. I'm guessing they went
this route because not all operating systems that NCBI supports have an
"environment" in the Unix sense (MacOS comes to mind), so for
cross-platform issues, the rc file.

Nevertheless, I believe you can use environment variables on Unix-like
systems to substitute for .ncbirc. For example, with standalone blast,

   export $BLASTMAT=/path/blast/data

would accomplish the same as the .ncbirc lines above, I believe.


Harry <h3 at ucla.edu>

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