LINUX/standalone blast question

Joe Ryan jfryan at NHGRI.NIH.GOV
Wed Nov 3 10:38:56 EST 1999

You may want to have a look at 



On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 05:09:56PM +1300, Adrian Walden wrote:
> I am installing standalone BLAST on a Pentium running redhat linux 6.1.
> This is somewhoat of a challange for me as my previous experience
> installing software etc is on a Macintosh. My most recent success's on
> linux have included some minor improvments to my .bash_profile and .bashrc
> files and the installation of the Staden Package (a great victory). You
> should conclude from this that I am a beginner !
> My question concerns a few problems I have had with blast and the
> requirement to setup a file called .ncbirc in my root directory or the
> directory from which I call the BLAST application. The contents of the
> .ncbirc file are supposed to be
> [ ncbi]
> Data=/path/blast/data
> I would like to know what this file does and why it is there. Is it
> supposed to export the variable "Data" to the environment. If so, why is
> it that when I query th environment with 
> echo $Data
> that I get a blank line instead of a path to the directory "data" ?
> Thanks for your help
> Adrian walden
> a.walden@(delete)wave.co.nc

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