Program to Estimate Rates of evolution for sequences...

Andrew Rambaut andrew.rambaut at zoo.ox.ac.uk
Wed Nov 3 10:13:29 EST 1999

I have just released a new software package that some people
may find useful (mainly people analysing viral sequences) when
sequences have been isolated at different points in time:

TipDate is an application for estimating the rate molecular evolution
(and hence a time-scale) for a phylogeny consisting of dated tips.
These will most frequently be from viruses or other fast-evolving
pathogens that have been isolated over a range of dates. The program
can also return the likelihood for the simple molecular clock model
(i.e., assuming that all sequences are contemporary) or the non-clock
model. These are useful for likelihood ratio tests of the fit of the
model to the data.

It is available at:


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