Software for viewing (and editing) ABI files on Windows

Jan Diblik jan.diblik at lfmotol.cuni.cz
Tue Nov 2 08:07:15 EST 1999

That is all nice, but is there a windows program for viewing and 
getting data from files made by ABI Genescan (for microsatellite 
Or does anyone know more about the format the data are stored in?

Jan Diblik

On 28 Oct 99, at 2:29, John Barlow wrote:

> A number of people asked about software that allows viewing of ABI trace files 
> (chromatograms) on the Windows platform.  There are quite many choices - some 
> programs allow viewing and printing only, others provide sophisticated tools 
> for contig assembly and proofreading.  Some programs are free (and very good - 
> see BioEdit), other cost several thousands of dollars and are difficult to use, 
> or have a confusing interface resulting from porting from the Mac.

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