Sanger Centre Image?

Dyre Tjeldvoll dyret at idi.ntnu.no
Mon Nov 1 10:25:46 EST 1999

nospam at nospam.net writes:

> Is there anyone out there who has gotten the Image program from the Sanger
> Centre, the one for analysis of Bac digest fingerprints, to work on a Linux,
> or a Digital, system?  I've tried 3.9a and 3.6 for Linux so far, and I'm
> getting nothing but frustration.  Documentation is for 3.5.  I can't tell
> what the settings mean because the new fields in 3.9 are undocumented.  The
> program just gives error messages which seem to refer to these mystery
> settings when tried.  I've just tried 3.6, and I get a "permission denied"
> error when I try running bstt, or im3.  Root, user, no difference.  The
> environment is set up as instructed.  The files are found on the path just
> fine.  The standards file is a complete mystery.  The values and columns are
> undefined.  Messages to image at sanger.ac.uk have not been answered for a week.

If you get "permission denied" as root, the problem clould be that you 
need set execute permission for the file.


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