Sanger Centre Image?

nospam at nospam.net nospam at nospam.net
Mon Nov 1 08:13:23 EST 1999

Is there anyone out there who has gotten the Image program from the Sanger
Centre, the one for analysis of Bac digest fingerprints, to work on a Linux,
or a Digital, system?  I've tried 3.9a and 3.6 for Linux so far, and I'm
getting nothing but frustration.  Documentation is for 3.5.  I can't tell
what the settings mean because the new fields in 3.9 are undocumented.  The
program just gives error messages which seem to refer to these mystery
settings when tried.  I've just tried 3.6, and I get a "permission denied"
error when I try running bstt, or im3.  Root, user, no difference.  The
environment is set up as instructed.  The files are found on the path just
fine.  The standards file is a complete mystery.  The values and columns are
undefined.  Messages to image at sanger.ac.uk have not been answered for a week.

Is there other software for this task?  We'd like to arrange Bac clones by
their restriction digest fingerprints.

Mike Holloway
holloway.53 at osu.edu

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