BLAST, Fasta, ClustalW for Linux

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr
Thu May 27 03:18:02 EST 1999

In article <374B2816.D42B79C2 at 2xtreme.net>,
	akozik at 2XTREME.NET (Alexander Kozik) writes:
> Hello!
> BLAST, Fasta, ClustalW and PHYLIP on your PC running Linux,
> solution how to setup PC to run Bioinformatics tools:
> http://www.2xtreme.net/kozik_a
> Please, any comments and suggestions

	I would suggest that people use ClustalX from :


	It requires X-Window, but we provide hopefully good statically
linked binaries. Please note that ClustalW (and soon ClustalX) and most
of the programs you cite should be available as debian packages. 

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