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Wladyslaw Dolomisiewicz dolomis at szpital.zamos.tpnet.pl
Thu May 27 00:11:21 EST 1999

Hi Listmemebers
I am seeking for software which will do following things:
1.get the data written in ASCII format (*.txt) and compare with database of
normal values; the structure of single file differs a lot; but thre is a
limited  number of structures (about 60),
2.generate report with reference to normal value as: normal, border line,
little pathology and severe pathology (SD, SD+-1, SD+- 2 ,etc).
3.If possible an expert system with authomatic detection of e.g. conduction
I 've got  electromyograph made by Esaotebiomedica ; the system works under
VERSAdos operating system.
Despite any help of  Esaotebiomedica I recognised:
1.system of file transfer  (KERMIT OR XMODEM),
2.structure of catalogs on electromyograph.
I have made a few improvments;
a. wrote  some batch files to main communicating Programm (Crosstalk XVI  v.
-deleting some files  from transferred catalog after transfer from
- renaming original extensions  to *.txt  (but saving original name and
extension in the new file name)
Due to lack of the time I  didn't  yet to make models of file imports.
After making files models imports I planned to make application under Access
or Visual Database which will utilize model of import to import data from
single selected file to the table .
Do you know any software meeting my neeeds? I really have no time to sit and
write it.
W.Dolomisiewicz M.D.
e mail: dolomis at szpital.zamosc.tpnet.pl

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