Metabolic Pathways eMap

Varlam B. Keshelava Ph.D. kesha at interrussia.com
Tue May 25 06:13:18 EST 1999

Hello all,
I'm resident of Russia looking for collaboration and funding. My
research may be interesting for biochemists, microbiologists,
cell physiologists, bioinformatics, etc. research and education

The problem of biochemical information integration has been
traditionally solved by Metabolic Pathways Maps arrangement.
These maps (Michal 1982, Nicholson 1987) are large (up to 3 sq.m.) and
entangled biochemical schemes. The scope of
material covered and the tendency to present all the information at a
flat paper inevitably result in an overloaded, complicated
structure of the whole map. Puzzling out these mazes is rather difficult
and, in fact, often useless.
A convenient user friendly electronic (Internet) edition of Interactive
Metabolic Pathways Map may be a very good
support for biochemistry, physiology and related field research and
teaching - this is the main goal of my project!.
Now I have finished the basic preliminary study on the Metabolic
Pathways Maze structure pattern. I invite any interested
person to visit my site containing a short description of the results I
have got: The Metabolic Pathways Maze has a clear and
accessible structure!( if you fail to connect by clicking the link -
type in your browser address line the following:
http://www.interrussia.com/~kesha/biology/maze/index.htm ).
I would appreciate any comments.
I'm looking for contradictors, referees and collaboration!
Thank you for attention.
Varlam Keshelava
Sorry for bad english - it is not my native language.

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